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TH2030 Ultra-Precise Phase Meter

全球第一款 8 位相位、频率测量标准仪器

交流电压输入:10 mV ~ 600 V,电流输入:0.1 mA ~ 12 A

频率范围:5.0000000 Hz ~ 10.000000 kHz,准确度达 ± 2 ppm

双通道电压输入,具有 U-I、U-U 两种相位测量模式,8 位显示 


Model TH2030, an ultra-precise phase and frequency measuring instrument, is the first 8 digits phase meter in the world.

Accurately measure AC voltage, current and frequency. Dual channel voltage measurement loop, used for measuring the phase between voltage and current (U-I), voltage and voltage (U-U). The optimal accuracy of phase measurement is up to ±0.3 mdeg.

Meet the requirements of JJG 440-2008 Verification Regulation of Industry Frequency Single-Phase Phase Meter.


As a reference meter for high-precision phase and frequency measurement with maximum 8 digits display.

● Calibrate the phase and frequency of AC standard source.

● Detect various working phase meters and frequency meters in power system.


● Input range of AC voltage is from 10 mV to 600 V, AC current is from 0.1 mA to 12 A.

● Input range of frequency is from 5.0000000 Hz to 10.000000 kHz, the accuracy is up to ±2 ppm.

● Dual channel voltage input with U-I and U-U phase measurement modes, 6 digits display.

● Excellent accuracy of phase measurement at high frequency, the accuracy is better than ±0.03 º even at 10 kHz.

● Good electrical isolation and protection between measurement channels.

● Large LCD touch screen, more intuitive of value display and easier operation.

● Easy to build automatic detection system with the built-in RS-232 interface.

Electrical Specifications

AC Voltage and AC Current

Output Characteristics

● Voltage Measuring Range: 10 mV to 600 V by dual channel

● Current Measuring Range: 0.1 mA to 12 A

● Range Switching: Automatic or Manual

● Display: 6 digits

● Harmonic Measurement: 2nd to 63rd

Frequency Measurement

● Measuring Range: 5.0000000 Hz to 10.000000 kHz

● Minimum Resolution: 1×10-7 Hz

● 1 Year Uncertainty: ±2 ppm

● Display: 8 digits

Phase Measurement

General Specifications

● Line Power: 220 V ±22 V, 50 Hz ±2 Hz

 Maximum Power Consumption: 400 VA

● Operating Environment: 0 °C to +40 °C, 40 % to 75 % R·H, non-condensing

● Storage Environment: -20 °C to +70 °C, <95 % R·H, non-condensing

● Communication: RS-232 interface